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Obamacare And The Economy



As the “Republican” U.S. House of Representatives grappled over whether to defund Barack Obama’s socialized medicine monstrosity – or merely pretend to defund it – the real-world consequences of the legislation are beginning to be felt across a still-reeling economy.

And no we’re not just referring to the tax hikes, the added deficit spending or the soaring health care premiums … we’re talking about actual lost jobs and reduced wages.

One reporter – Jed Graham of Investors’ Business Daily – has compiled “a list of job actions with strong proof that Obamacare’s employer mandate is behind cuts to work hours or staffing levels.” As of this writing Graham’s list includes “job actions” by 258 companies.

To view it, click here.

In another story published last week, Graham exposed the correlation between the onset of Obamacare and a drop in hours among rank-and-file workers.

“Workers in low-wage industries clocked the shortest average workweek on record in July,” he noted. “The 29 million non-managerial workers in private-sector industries which pay up to about $14.50 per hour, on average, put in a 27.4-hour week, a level previously matched only at the depths of the recession in 2009.”

What a surprise … (not).

This data is further proof that the GOP needs to stand firm in blocking funding for Obamacare. Seriously … if Obama wants to shut down government over this job-killer, “Republicans” should tell him to knock himself out.

“The government should encourage productivity, not penalize it,” a recent editorial in The Washington Times noted. “Obamacare is a prescription for a shrinking economy, and the nation won’t recover from stagnation as long as it remains the law. In the weeks ahead, the House will get one last chance to prevent the train wreck. The House must stand firm and refuse to fund the president’s health care takeover.”

We concur wholeheartedly …