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MSM Presses “Mute” On Obamacare Scandal




By FITSNEWS  ||  When big news breaks, we just assume everybody else is covering it … like when one of the architects of U.S. president Barack Obama‘s socialized medicine monstrosity admits to manipulating its budget numbers and relying on the “stupidity of the U.S. voter” to get the law passed.

You know … THIS STORY.

Well guess what … we were wrong.  Two major networks – NBC and ABC – refused to cover Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber‘s explosive comments.  Meanwhile The New York Times posted precisely one story on the scandal – on one of its online blogs.

“The national media…have largely reacted to the Gruber story like it is a virus that should be carefully quarantined,” said Tim Graham of NewsBusters, a website that exists to expose bias in the mainstream media.

He’s right …

Of course it will become increasingly difficult for the liberal mainstream press to contain this virus … especially with video clips emerging which show Obama was actively participating in the deception.

Clips like this one …

(Click to play)

(Vid: Via)

Wow …

Not long ago, our founding editor wrote a column entitled “The Most Dangerous Realization in the World.”  In it, he opined about a “genuine public enlightenment,” one in which growing numbers of people were “waking up to simple truths.”

“They are realizing in growing numbers that government is not their friend … that it is in fact fighting to repress their liberty and limit their prosperity,” he wrote.

“They are realizing that all the myths they’ve been sold – myths aimed at fomenting division along ethnic, racial, sexual and socio-economic lines – are wrong,” he continued. “And all the myths about government healing those divisions – and doing everything else under the sun to “fix” the country – aren’t true either.”

Echoing that theme is Ben Carson – a retired neurosurgeon and author who is contemplating a 2016 presidential campaign.

“I think a lot of people are beginning to see the folly of the media,” Carson said during an appearance on NewsMax. “The media likes to distort things and to manipulate people and the assumption is people are stupid as the revelation came out this week. The assumption is people can be easily manipulated and controlled. Maybe that’s true but I believe people are waking up in droves.”

That’s true …

Now they just need a real choice at the polls … as opposed to the same false dichotomy.

And they need a Fourth Estate that actually exposes the truth rather than assisting lying politicians in covering it up.