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The “Lindsey Graham Is Winning SC” Poll Is Kind Of Ironic …




|| By FITSNEWS || Heads were scratching across South Carolina when left-leaning NBC News unveiled a poll over the weekend – one which showed home-state U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham leading all comers in the Palmetto State’s 2016 “First in the South” presidential primary.

Graham got the support of 17 percent of likely primary voters in the NBC/ Marist survey … which actually eclipsed his showing in a poll released last week by a special interest group that’s consistently supported his liberal energy policies (that poll found Graham in second place with 11 percent support).

What gives?  Is Graham’s presidential campaign for real?

Well … one answer to Graham’s unusually strong showing may be the survey’s interesting (inaccurate?) take on the issue of gay marriage.  According to the NBC/ Marist pollsters, 52 percent of “Republican” primary voters in South Carolina believe it is either “totally unacceptable” or “mostly unacceptable” for a candidate to oppose gay marriage.

And yes … that’s an odd way to phrase a question, isn’t it?  Kind of a double negative …

Why not just ask if likely primary voters support gay marriage or not?  Oh right … because last time that question was asked (last fall by Winthrop University), 52.2 percent of South Carolinians (including “Republicans,” Democrats and independents) opposed gay marriage compared to 38.5 percent who supported it.

Hmmmm … we know the needle has shifted some since then (which is a good thing), but has it shifted that much?

We think not …

Obviously this website’s views on gay marriage have been made repeatedly clear.  And no matter what anyone thinks (us included), the issue is now moot.

So … why did we say Graham’s success in a surprisingly pro-gay poll was “ironic?”

Well, ummm …

In all seriousness, though, Graham’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to us.  We’re far more concerned with his fiscal liberalism, fear-mongering, reckless foreign policy, hatred of individual liberty and personal hypocrisy.