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Lindsey Graham Likes His Presidential Chances




|| By FITSNEWS || We’ve repeatedly ripped U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham for his fiscal liberalism, fear-mongering, reckless foreign policy, hatred of liberty and personal hypocrisy.

And as Graham contemplates a presidential bid … it’s nice to know we’re not the only ones who see through this fraud of a human being.

Lindsey Graham isn’t just wrong – he’s dangerous.  Like He views America’s blood and treasure as his personal play things – disposable pieces he can move around a global game board of outdated imperialist dogma.  But we wrote about our thoughts on Graham earlier.

How does Graham see himself?

“My party is center right,” Graham told reporters in the U.S. Capitol this week. “There’s an element of the left and the right that I don’t think reflects both parties.”

(Campaigning out of Washington, D.C. again … interesting).

Wait, though … “center?”  Ummm … we think Graham is confusing the real ideological orientation of the country.

But that’s not stopping him from extending the analogy …

“To get America out of the left ditch, you don’t want to put the car in the right ditch,” he said, adding that “I represent a form of conservatism that is acceptable to the reddest of red states.”

Well … at least in primary elections that featured no well-funded opponent … in which nobody showed up to vote.

But there is one supporter Graham can count on: John McCain.

“He’ll be a lot more formidable than anyone thinks at this moment,” McCain said. “There are many supporters of mine who are more than happy to examine his campaign.”

Wait … supporters like this?

Oh right … like THIS.

We get it now …