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Pay Up, Fatties!




|| By FITSNEWS || Need some additional motivation to get yourself to the gym?  Or watch those calories?  U.S. president Barack Obama‘s socialized medicine architect – the one who called you “stupid” – has got you covered.

In April 2010, Gruber – having just helped pass Obama’s socialized medicine monstrosity – wrote a paper urging that Americans be taxed according to their body weight.  Gruber’s treatise – entitled “Taxing Sin To Modify Behavior and Raise Revenue” – included a recommendation to impose the “weighty” new levies.

“What may be needed to address the obesity problem are direct taxes on body weight,” he wrote.

Wow …

Wait … wasn’t the whole idea behind Obamacare to get young, healthy people to pay for sick, old people (which isn’t happening)?  Not get fatties to pay more?

Anyway, it turns out Obamacare is indirectly taxing obese people by allowing employers to charge them higher health insurance premiums.  Prior to the passage of the law, employers could impose a 20 percent premium on employees who failed to attain a healthy BMI (body mass index).  As of last year, that premium hiked to 30 percent – with future increases likely.

Two years ago, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley declared a “war on fat” in the Palmetto State – which suffers from disproportionately high levels of obesity.

What did that war consist of?  Nothing … which is fine with us.

Markets, not government mandates are what’s needed to restore sanity to the health care debate in America …