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Lindsey Graham Draws Another Challenger



Richard Cash – a socially conservative small business owner from Powdersville, S.C. – is the latest Republican to announce that he’s running against U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham in 2014.

“I am running to replace Senator Lindsey Graham because I believe that after 20 years in Washington he is out of touch with South Carolina values and voters,” Cash writes on his website. “Although Senator Graham might be hard-working and sincere, I cannot distinguish his core principles and can no longer trust his judgment. It is time for a new voice in Washington. We need a voice that represents Christian, conservative, and Republican principles instead of the latest bi-partisan ‘deal’ that simply makes matters worse.”

Wait … Cash can’t distinguish Graham’s core principles? What part of fiscal liberalism, crony capitalism and war mongering does he not understand?

Anyway …

Cash is no stranger to campaigning. In fact he narrowly edged U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan in the GOP primary for the South Carolina third congressional district in 2010 only to lose to Duncan by three points in the Republican runoff two weeks later.

“I know how to run, I know how to fight, and I am ready to go,” Cash says.

That’s true. According to one South Carolina lawmaker familiar with Cash’s political operation, the God-fearing father of eight has “the best ground game I’ve ever seen.”

Of course his excessive Bible thumping could cost him more votes than it gets him.

“His campaign platform is ‘no Muslims, ‘no abortion,’ and ‘no homos,'” one GOP operative told FITS. “That’s not going to play statewide.”

Cash is one of three candidates actively campaigning against Graham. Also running on the GOP side is S.C. Sen. Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg) – a social conservative who has “Holier Than Thou” issues of his own. Meanwhile, contemplating a bid is Nancy Mace – the first woman to graduate from The Citadel (South Carolina’s military college) and a co-owner of this website.

Mace runs a marketing and public relations firm based in Charleston, S.C.

On the Democratic side, Columbia, S.C. businessman Jay Stamper has announced his intention to run against Graham in next November’s general election.



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