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S.C. Sen. Lee Bright – who recently withstood a ferocious special interest challenge to retain his State Senate seat – is reportedly contemplating a bid for the U.S. Senate in 2014 against incumbent “Republican in Name Only” Lindsey Graham.

“He believes that it is God’s will that he run,” a source close to the fiscal and social conservative told FITS.

Bright was in New York City recently feeling out prospective donors about a prospective challenge to Graham, a fiscal liberal who has adopted a host of left-leaning positions over the years on issues like energy and immigration.

Bright on the other hand has a stellar fiscal voting record … although his personal financial difficulties (including unpaid tax bills and rumors that he has stiffed contractors) would likely be an issue in the race.

Assuming Bright follows through on his divine calling, he could run headlong into one of his fiscal allies in the S.C. Senate – Tom Davis of Beaufort.  For years, Davis has been viewed as the most likely fiscal conservative challenger to Graham, although some are speculating that the Lowcountry libertarian might run for governor in 2014 instead.

One thing is for sure … whoever runs against Graham will face a mountain of special interest money.  The neocon has been whoring for the military-industrial complex and other insider establishment cliques in Washington, D.C. for years and has no shortage of favors to call in.

That makes challenging him an uphill battle no matter who the candidate is …