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Lindsey Graham Calls For Invasion Of Syria



U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) – a longtime puppet for America’s military-industrial complex – is calling for the United States to invade Syria.

What for, you may ask?

Well, Graham’s pretense is the ostensible need to make sure the wrong sort of weapons don’t fall into the wrong colored hands (or some such nonsense), but the bottom line is he’s looking for an excuse to get America’s Armed military involved in yet another astronomically costly, totally unjustified foreign conflict.

You know … because that’s what neocon whores do (when they’re not attacking supporters of fundamental American liberties, anyway).

“You’ve got to get on the ground,” Graham told The Cable regarding the Syrian situation. “There is no substitute for securing these weapons. I don’t care what it takes. We need partners in the region. But I’m here to say, if the choice is to send in troops to secure the weapons sites versus allowing chemical weapons to get in the hands of some of the most violent people in the world, I vote to cut this off before it becomes a problem.”

Really? Fuck him.

Of course that’s what Graham believes … this guy has never met a country he didn’t want to invade, so long as it’s other people’s blood (and money) on the line. Oh … and he’s never minded a little “collateral damage” when it comes to serving his special interest masters.

In this case Graham’s interventionist bent – backed by the special interests bankrolling his multi-million dollar campaign account – centers around as-yet-undocumented allegations of chemical weapons being used in the Syrian Civil War.

“Somebody has to do something about it and that somebody has to be us,” Graham said.

Um, no … something does not have to be done. By anybody.

This sort of interventionist nonsense (which was embraced last year by failed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney) isn’t going to make us any safer … in fact it’s going to make us less safe when militants in these countries realize American troops have invaded their country. Seriously … have we already forgotten the lessons of 9/11? Or the ever-escalating financial/ body count associated with the interminable “War on Terror?”

As if Graham’s attack on U.S. Sen. Rand Paul earlier this month for daring to stand up to the specter of government-funded domestic terror wasn’t sufficient to warrant his dismissal  … this shameless war-mongering is yet another glaring example of his total lack of fitness for office. And yet another reason for Republican primary voters in South Carolina to get rid of him in 2014 … electorally, or via drone strike.

Either way is fine with us …