US Attorney’s Office

Feds Charge 17 People In Midlands Drug Bust After 3-Year Undercover Investigation

Mandy Matney
Following a 3-year, multi-agency investigation into a Midlands drug trafficking ring, 17 individuals were federally charged this week, U.S. Attorney for South Carolina Peter McCoy...

SC Couple And 3 Others Federally Indicted On Child Pornography Production and Sex Trafficking Charges

Mandy Matney
Five people from Anderson County, South Carolina were federally indicted for multiple child sex crimes, United States Attorney for South Carolina Peter McCoy announced Thursday. Anderson...

U.S. Attorney For SC Vows To Protect Constitutional Rights Of Peaceful Protesters, Prosecute ‘Instigators’

Mandy Matney
After dozens of protesters were arrested this weekend following peaceful protests that turned violent, the U.S. Attorney for South Carolina vowed to work with local...