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Mark Sanford Wears Women’s Deodorant




Secret women’s anti-perspirant is strong enough for a man, yet “pH-balanced for a woman.”

Apparently it’s strong enough for a congressman, too. Well, one congressman. We’re referring, of course, to U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford – the conservative-turned-“Republican” who apparently packs sticks of the brand’s “Powder Fresh” and “Shower Fresh” scents in his Washington, D.C. congressional office.

Don’t believe us?  Take a look at this pic from his congressional bathroom …

LOL, “Luv Gov.” LOL.

According to an old New York Daily News article entitled “Dude Smells Like A Lady,” an estimated five percent of American men use female deodorant.

“Secret is one of the many products designed for women that are catching on with men who are particular about the way they groom themselves,” the article observed.

Ha! Sanford is “particular,” that’s for sure …

No word on whether the “Love-Struck Mooncalf” congressman utilizes any other feminine hygiene products, but judging by his response to criticism … we’d recommend he stock up on some Summer’s Eve the next time he saunters into his neighborhood Walgreens.

After all, selling out is some sweaty, stinky work …