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Kathryn Dennis Fires Back




Reality television star Kathryn Dennis is firing back on a host of fronts as her legal drama ramps up this week.

In an exclusive interview with Amy Feinstein posted to the Reality Tea website, the 25-year-old redheaded bombshell claims she is the victim of a “smear campaign” orchestrated by her ex-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel, the father of her two young children and her co-star on Bravo TV’s Charleston, S.C.-based reality show Southern Charm.

Dennis does not name Ravenel specifically, but makes it clear that allegations from their ongoing legal drama – including the report that she failed a drug test – will soon be “part of the public record.”

“The initial source is easy to guess, like in Harry Potter, “he who shall not be named!'” she told Feinstein. “Soon, all of the tests and more will be part of the public record, and if certain people have any class, they will be apologizing.”

Dennis told Feinstein she is not using drugs – and didn’t use drugs during her most recent pregnancy.

Dennis and Ravenel have two children together – three-year-old Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and sixteen-month-old St. Julien Rembert Ravenel.  In fact Dennis was thrown out of a christening ceremony for her son on Easter Sunday – news of which was first reported here on FITSNews.

We were also the first website to report on Dennis’ drug use – and her recent stint in a California rehab.  Dennis originally denied the drug allegations and threatened to sue this website for printing them – but now she admits it she began using drugs after her breakup with Ravenel “as a coping mechanism.”

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“I fully admit it, I screwed up, but heading off to rehab helped me make a clean break,” she told Feinstein.

Of course Dennis hotly disputed the allegation that she used drugs – or consumed alcohol – while pregnant.

“I did not drink or use drugs during my pregnancy,” she told Feinstein. “For people to look at a photo and diagnose a baby, and then talk about it online is revolting. Does anyone out there really believe that if there was any issue about (fetal alcohol syndrome), that Thomas would just let it go? C’mon!  If Saint had any health issues as a result of something that I had done wrong during pregnancy, I would have never gotten visitation back.  Both kids are very happy and healthy, thank goodness!”

Dennis also claims that recent rumors of her returning to the party scene are false.

“The rumors around town about partying are ridiculous,” she told Feinstein.  “I have cut myself off from all of those people … ask any bar around town, and they will tell you they haven’t seen me.”

Dennis and Ravenel were both deposed earlier this week in connection with their ongoing court case – which is scheduled for mediation this Thursday (April 20).

Our guess?  There will be no agreement.  Both stars seem intent on invoking the doctrine of mutually assured destruction – and both appear to have the ammunition necessary to wage such a battle.

Southern Charm is currently in its fourth season on Bravo, and has drawn solid ratings thanks to the interplay between Ravenel and Dennis.

Who deserves the credit for that?  Our website’s founding editor, Will Folks.

Folks connected Ravenel and Dennis back in 2013 – an event which was actually captured by Bravo TV cameras during his cameo appearance on the show’s series premiere.  In fact he has been named as a likely witness in the couple’s ongoing court drama.

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