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Southern Charm Drama Flares Up (Off-Screen)




Details are hazy, but reality television star Kathryn Dennis was said to have been “physically removed” from her son’s christening ceremony in Charleston, S.C. on Easter Sunday.

The incident allegedly took place at the historic French Protestant (Huguenot) Church, where Dennis had been invited to participate in the christening of her son, 18-month old St. Julien Rembert Ravenel.

What happened?  Accounts differ dramatically (shocker) as to what precipitated the drama … but all agree Dennis disrupted the proceedings on multiple occasions with profanity-laced outbursts.

“It was pretty ugly,” one witness said. “It was a travesty.”

Witnesses tell us the 25-year-old redheaded diva was “forcibly escorted from the premises” on orders of her ex-boyfriend and reality television co-star, Thomas Ravenel.

Ravenel disputes that characterization of events, saying he had “300 witnesses” that would attest to Dennis leaving voluntarily after the drama.  He also threatened to sue this website over the allegation that Dennis was in any way manhandled.

Ravenel is the father of “Saint” as well as Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, the couple’s three-year-old daughter.  In fact the same Hugenot church served as the venue for her christening nearly three years ago – when Ravenel was in the midst of plotting his political comeback.

Dennis attended that ceremony without incident.

Not this one, though …

Dennis attended the event with her mother.  Her father was not invited to attend, we’re told.  According to multiple sources, the drama began when Dennis confronted her child’s new nanny – Deirdre Politelli – and accused her of having an affair with Ravenel.

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Things went downhill from there, with Dennis allegedly interrupting the service on numerous occasions – accusing Ravenel of engaging in multiple romantic dalliances and of preventing her from seeing their two children.

One witnesses suspected that Dennis – who recently completed a stint in rehab – was on drugs during the bizarre confrontation.

“I don’t want to say she was on something, but she was really acting out of character,” one witness said.  “The behavior wasn’t normal – but it was seemingly representative of what the allegations are against her.”

Dennis was barefoot for the duration of the drama, we’re told.

Sources close to Dennis disputed the drug allegation – saying she was simply upset that she had been denied the right to participate in the service.  Instead, they say she was “invited like she was (Ravenel)’s cleaning lady, not like a mother.”

“Kathryn wanted to coordinate their son’s christening, an important day, together, as they are both St. Julien’s parents, but Thomas would not allow her any role,” one source close to Dennis told us.

Dennis and Ravenel are the two lead stars of Southern Charm, a Charleston, S.C.-based reality television show that is currently in its fourth season on Bravo TV.  Unfortunately for fans of the program, cameras were not rolling during the incident – and neither star returned our request for comment.

Ravenel and Dennis are scheduled to meet this Thursday (April 20) for a mediation hearing in their ongoing custody battle – news of which was exclusively reported on this website earlier this year.  According to our sources, the two ex-lovers (and their attorneys) are both armed for battle.

What sort of dirt do they have on each other?

Good question.  All we know is that this website’s founding editor, Will Folks, could find himself called to testify in the exceedingly likely event the case goes to trial.  Folks introduced Ravenel and Dennis – whose combustible relationship has been ratings gold for Bravo.  In fact he made a cameo appearance in the show’s series premiere back in 2014.

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