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Donald Trump Pulls Off “Yuge” Upset




He didn’t just win, he won “bigly.”  And so did millions of Americans sick and tired of being demonized and exploited by the ruling class in Washington, D.C.

Defying political correctness, defying the media, defying his own party and most importantly, defying polls showing him losing … Donald Trump surged to a shocking and historic upset over Hillary Clinton, literally rewriting the American electoral map in the process.

Trump’s stunning win – which rendered the talking heads gleefully anticipating his demise speechless – is nothing short of a populist revolution.  It is a sweeping and seismic repudiation of politics-as-usual in our nation’s capital – which has grown increasingly disconnected from the harsh realities bearing down on so many of its citizens.

Those citizens spoke out emphatically on Tuesday – rejecting the failed policies of the past and the candidates who epitomized them.

Trump prevailed over Clinton decisively – despite being left for dead by the pundits and despite being on the receiving end of a bipartisan character assassination that would have turned a typical politician into roadkill.

The “unelectable” Republican nominee – pilloried by the press and sabotaged at every turn by his own party’s leaders – obliterated the electoral map established by Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

Trump won Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin – all states that “electable” GOP nominee Mitt Romney lost in 2012.  Hell, a Republican hadn’t won Wisconsin since Ronald Reagan carried the state since 1984.

Basically, Trump took a wrecking ball to the Democrats’ “Blue Wall,” capturing multiple states that have been locks for Democrats for years … and seemed to be locks for Clinton just days ago.

To say Clinton’s campaign was caught completely flat-footed by the outcome of the race would be an understatement.  Her campaign had a permit to launch celebratory fireworks in New York City beginning at 9:30 p.m. EST – but abruptly pulled the plug on the demonstration.

This website endorsed Trump twice – first in the GOP primary and again in the general election against Clinton.

From our second endorsement …

Trump has led on trade.  He has led on tax reform.  He has led (albeit controversially) on national security.  He has led on the Second Amendment.  Beyond that he has articulated a sensible foreign policy that eschews nation-building and needless provocations and instead focuses on targeting the real enemy.

Now Trump will have a chance to put those policies into action …

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