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AG’s Wife Slammed For “Wall” Comment




The wife of S.C. attorney general Alan Wilson was blasted over an election night photo posted to Instagram during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Blonde bombshell and former television news babe Jennifer Wilson was criticized by several of her former colleagues in the press over one of the photo’s captions.

Take a look …

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We’re just spitballing here but our guess is Wilson’s “#BuildAWall” hashtag is what has the left-leaning press so fired up …

“Maybe not the smartest thing for a spokeswoman for a hospital that treats a large number of Hispanics – and potentially the next First Lady of S.C. – to be putting on Instagram right now,” one reporter told us, adding that Wilson has “been saying Trumpy stuff on social media for awhile.”

Trumpy stuff? 

Another former television reporter criticized Wilson for displaying bad political judgment.

“I thought she was much smarter politically,” the reporter said.  “I don’t see how this helps her husband’s campaign.”

Um … really?

Donald Trump – the GOP nominee who has proposed building a wall on America’s border with Mexico – was just elected president.  Not only that, he won the state of South Carolina with 56 percent of the vote – eclipsing the victory margin of Mitt Romney in 2012.

Where’s the bad judgment? 

Our guess is Jennifer Wilson’s comment will probably help her husband politically … although to be fair he has a long way to go if he hopes to battle back from his disastrous political implosion earlier this year.

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