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National Roads Report: SC Ranks No. 1?




We’re No. 1!!! We’re No. 1!!!

South Carolina doesn’t get to say that often (unless we’re talking about something terrible), but according to a new report from Reason Foundation, it’s roads are … No. 1 in America.

“South Carolina ranks first in the nation in overall highway performance and cost-effectiveness,” a release from the foundation proclaimed, adding that the state is responsible for maintaining the nation’s “fourth largest system.”


According to the study, the Palmetto State ranks 47th in its fatality rate, 24th in “deficient bridges,” ninth in “rural Interstate pavement condition,” 11th in “urban Interstate pavement condition,” and 17th in “urbanized area congestion.”

On spending, South Carolina ranked first in total disbursements per mile, first in capital disbursements per mile and fifth in administrative disbursements per mile.  All told, the report found the state spending $35,286 per mile – easily the lowest figure in the nation.

What do we make of this data?  Eh …

As we’ve repeatedly documented, the state’s notoriously mismanaged Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has seen its base budget more than double over the past seven years.  Not only that, it’s getting hundreds of millions of additional dollars via a questionable borrowing scam approved by lawmakers earlier this year.

We know our leaders are failing (miserably) when it comes to prioritizing these resources, but if the Palmetto State is truly spending less money per mile than any other state in the nation we’ve got a simple question: Where in the hell is all that money going?

Anyway, to view the full report for yourself, click the link below …


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