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Sic Willie


Easy ladies … that disarmingly attractive, diabolically brilliant man pictured above is none other than Will Folks (a.k.a. Sic Willie), our beloved founding editor and the benevolent ruler of all he surveys.

In addition to running South Carolina’s most popular political web site, Folks is also a former commissioner (and 2014 champion) of the Great Santini fantasy baseball league.

Yeah … we’re really leading with that.

He is also a sensational dancer – so pay no attention to those malicious and completely unfounded rumors implying he “thrusts too much” and doesn’t have enough “side to side.”

Those rumors are categorically false.

Prior to his career as a political guru and new media deity, Folks played bass guitar for the modestly successful alternative rock band Dead Agent Caper.  From there, he was plucked out of mid-air to handle media relations and copy writing duties for the 2002 gubernatorial campaign of Mark Sanford.  Somehow (we’re not sure how, exactly), Sanford won … although it’s safe to say at this point that most South Carolinians would take a “do-over” on that one.

Nonetheless, Folks served as Sanford’s spokesman from October 2001 to August 2005 (well, minus a six week period when Sanford was acting like a total douchebag and Folks decided to move to Charleston with one of his many TV anchor girlfriends).

After leaving the Governor’s Office in 2005, Folks assisted on numerous campaigns including statewide campaigns, legislative races and local bond referendums.  His antics along the way, however, have been the subject of much discussion and controversy – even prior to his career with FITS.


Folks graduated from the University of South Carolina (USC) in 1997 with a B.A. in History and Philosophy and received his Master’s degree in Mass Communication from USC two years later.

Sic lives with his smokin’ hot wife and five adorable kids in Columbia, S.C., where he enjoys losing in chess, singing in the shower and cheering for his beloved University of South Carolina Gamecocks, Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Blackhawks.

You can e-mail Sic Willie at [email protected].