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Erick Erickson Is A Moron




Erick Erickson – whom this website has repeatedly exposed as a status quo “pay-to-say” hack – has been running his mouth a good bit this election cycle.

His most famous pronouncement?

“The will of the people is crap,” which of course was his especially revealing reference to the surge of populist support for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

(For an excellent counterpoint to Erickson’s nonsense, check out this column from our friend Rick Manning).

Anyway, Erickson took to his website today to offer his thoughts on liberal Ohio governor John Kasich‘s decision to exit the 2016 presidential race – leaving only Trump left standing.

From his “column …

Having worked to ensure Donald Trump gets the Republican nomination, John Kasich’s work is done.

He squandered both the good will of the Republican Party and of the people of Ohio who have been increasingly complaining about their absent governor.

So today, John Kasich will drop out.

Good riddance.

Ummm … what?

The truth is Kasich stayed in the GOP race months after he should have dropped out for one simple reason: Defeating Donald Trump.  In fact Kasich’s victory in his home state of Ohio effectively prevented Trump from winning the “Republican” nod two months ago.

Hell, as recently as two weeks ago the guy was going all-in with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz in a last-ditch effort to deny Trump the delegates he needed to capture the GOP nomination outright.

Sure that stunt backfired (badly) … but to allege that Kasich was in the tank for Trump?  That’s ridiculous.

Obviously we can’t stand Kasich.  We’ve been shredding his candidacy from the moment he announced it.  But if you’re gonna slam the guy, at least do it with a shred of credibility.

We get that Erickson and the rest of the status quo #NeverTrump movement is having a very bad day, but that’s no reason to make stuff up.