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SC Democrats Blame Nikki Haley For Defeat Of Gas Tax Hike




A totally unnecessary gasoline tax hike would have been the law of the land in South Carolina a year ago were it not for the efforts of S.C. Senator Tom Davis – who staged an impassioned filibuster against the legislation last spring.

This year Davis did it again … and with a capable assist from S.C. Senator Harvey Peeler, he has not only killed the gas tax but dealt a major blow to the power of liberal S.C. Senate leader Hugh Leatherman.

The game has changed in Palmetto politics, people …

Bizarrely, though, Democratic leaders in the S.C. General Assembly are crediting governor Nikki Haley with the defeat of the tax hike.


Haley has taken so many positions on the gas tax it’s hard to know what she thinks about it … and her administration sent all sorts of mixed signals on the issue in the aftermath of the so-called “1,000-year flood” last October.

Anyway …

None of that stopped S.C. House minority leader Todd Rutherford from giving Haley all the credit for the tax hike’s demise this year.

“I’d like to congratulate Governor Haley on successfully scaring enough Republican Senators into voting for a bill that looks good but does nothing instead of a real, sustainable funding plan for our roads,” Rutherford said.  “The recent news leaks by the governor’s office about her new political action committee and the Senators she planned to target this election year was a shrewd political tactic to make Republican Senators think twice before showing a little political courage.”

Interesting …

After running as a Tea Partier in 2010, Haley has spent the last five-plus years governing like a Democrat – with predictable results (here and here).   We’d think Rutherford would appreciate her consistent support of big government, but apparently not …