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Nikki Haley Pilloried For Betraying Conservative Movement




This website has spent years exposing S.C. governor Nikki Haley as a traitor to the people who elected her … and the ideology she was elected to advance.

Now it looks like we’ve got some company …

A guest columnist for The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier has ripped Haley to shreds for “betraying conservatism.”

“South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s tone-deaf, anti-conservative, establishment Republican ‘rebuttal’ to Obama’s final State of the Union speech last week was supposed to be her audition for the vice presidential spot on a Rubio, Bush, Christie or Kasich ticket,” wrote Richard Viguerie, publisher of the ConservativeHQ newsletter.  “Instead, Gov. Haley’s ten minutes in the national spotlight appear to have done serious damage to her political future, not because her delivery was bad – it wasn’t – but because she picked the wrong side in the battle between conservatives and the go-along-get-along Republican establishment.”

The fallout from Haley’s address would certainly seem to support Viguerie’s assertion.

We’ve written extensively about the fault lines within the GOP (see herehere and here for a few recent examples), but Viguerie’s piece sums up the divide perfectly.

“On one side you have the content-free Big Government Republican establishment who were all teed-up to pat themselves and Gov. Haley on the back after her remarks,” Viguerie wrote.  “On the other side you have the grassroots conservative base of the GOP who said after Haley’s attack on Trump and Cruz, ‘Hey wait a minute, that was an attack on us, because they are carrying our message and we agree with them.'”

Therein lies Haley’s problem …

“Haley, along with Eric Cantor, John Boehner and the rest of the discredited D.C. establishment apparently didn’t get the memo that the establishment has lost control of the GOP and it no longer has the ability to dictate to the grassroots,” Viguerie added, concluding that Haley “did serious damage to her political future when she threw in with the losing side in the battle between conservatives and the Republican establishment.”

Indeed …

There is a growing realization among many fiscally conservative Americans – including disaffected Democrats – that the “Republican” party is doing absolutely nothing to rein in the excesses of the administration of Barack Obama.

In fact, the GOP establishment in Washington, D.C. is actively embracing those excesses (look no further than this excellent column by our friend Rick Manning of the group Americans for Limited Government to see exactly what we’re talking about).

Haley threw her lot in with these thieves … lock, stock and barrel … and then made a fool of herself by trying to walk it all back.

Still buying what she’s selling?

No ma’am … “not today.”

At the local, state and federal level, voters must continue to reject establishment, big government “Republican” politicians like Haley.  Instead, they should support authentic pro-freedom, pro-free market leaders who are committed to advancing their opportunity and prosperity through smaller government and lower taxes … not more of the same tax-and-spend nonsense.

Of course as they weigh their options, it’s important to remember that Haley was elected as one of those small government, anti-establishment voices – riding the Tea Party wave of 2010 to power in South Carolina.

How ironic it is, indeed, that her attempt to break onto the national stage involves repudiating the very people who launched her political career in the first place.