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Nikki Haley’s Education Plan: More Of The Same Failed “Solutions”




During her six years in the S.C. House of Representatives from 2005-11, Nikki Haley was a passionate advocate for expanded parental choice in South Carolina.  In fact that’s one of the issues that helped catapult Haley onto the statewide stage – and earn her the support of the Tea Party movement in the 2010 “Republican” gubernatorial primary.

Unfortunately, Haley made an abrupt U-Turn on education policy as soon as she had secured the GOP nomination – and has continued down the wrong road ever since.

Well, to be fair she completely ignored the issue until an election year … when she rolled out a decidedly status quo proposal that did nothing but dump more money into the state’s failed government-run system.

Two years later, Haley is back with more of the same …

While the rest of the country was focused on her big response to Barack Obama‘s State of the Union address, Haley quietly unveiled an education agenda for South Carolina that would make America’s most liberal president blush with satisfaction … again.

“I have said many times that my heart is always in rural areas, and growing up in Bamberg, I’ve always said we didn’t know what we didn’t have.  Now I know what we didn’t have.  And once we know what you didn’t have, and you know what children don’t have, you can’t ever turn away from that,” Haley said in announcing her budget-busting proposals.  “We’re seeing teachers having to wear rain boots to walk through the rain in schools. We’re seeing walls that are molded. We’re seeing building structures that are not safe. And so now we are saying ‘it is time to deal with the facilities of the schools in our state.’”

Hold up … South Carolina taxpayers currently shell out roughly $13,000 per child per year subsidizing the worst government-run education system in the nation.  How on earth is that not enough money?

And how on earth is increasing funding going to make a difference?

Nonetheless, Haley wants to dramatically expand this failed system – and to accomplish this objective she has formed a “leadership team” with superintendent Molly Spearman, who prior to being elected as a “Republican” in 2014 was the lead lobbyist for South Carolina’s education bureaucracy.

Unbelievable: Haley is not only embracing our state’s demonstrably failed “Mo Money” approach to education – she’s putting the status quo’s lead architect in charge of it.

Oh, and she’s also got liberal “Republicans” Rita Allison and John Courson championing her agenda in the S.C. General Assembly.

What a betrayal …

As we said last year …

If our state ever hopes to achieve real economic progress (as opposed to bribing companies to come here with your tax dollars), then South Carolina’s future generations can no longer be held hostage by our failed “one size fits none” government education system.  That means our leaders must – at long last – start putting the needs of individual children first, not continue bowing down to the bureaucrats holding all of us back.

Lawmakers must expand school choice.  Dramatically.  And make it part of permanent state law.

Only then will be begin to see the sort of academic gains that money clearly couldn’t buy …

Unfortunately, Haley’s education agenda contains zero parental choice – making it virtually identical to the big government agenda we saw proposed by the S.C. House of Representatives last month.

What a shame …

South Carolina’s government-run schools will never improve so long as “Republican” politicians are content to throw more of your money at additional government programs.  How do we know that?  Because that’s what they’ve been doing for decades.

In fact even the uber-liberal S.C. Supreme Court under former chief justice Jean Toal admitted in a controversial 2014 ruling that “spending fails to provide students with the opportunity to obtain a minimally adequate education.”

“Rather, the evidence demonstrates that there is a clear disconnect between spending and results,” the ruling noted.

Why can’t our “leaders” figure this out?

South Carolina must fully embrace market-based education reform in 2016 – and rebuke this status quo “Republican” nonsense.  Otherwise, expect the thousands of children trapped in our failing government-run schools to continue falling further behind the rest of the nation.