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Nikki Haley: More Pay Raises




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley blistered “Republican” House members last weekend on a host of items – including a vote last year to give themselves pay raises.

We pointed out at the time that Haley doled out massive salary increases to her staff upon taking office in 2011.

Well guess what … those salaries are now even bigger (and we’re not even counting the generous benefits package each employee receives from taxpayers).

Haley’s new chief of staff – James Burns – makes $130,000 a year, which is $5,000 more per year than previous chief of staff Tim Pearson.  Haley’s chief legal counselor Swati Patel is also making more money – getting $114,811 a year compared to the $102,000 she was making in 2011.

Those increases may not seem like much, but let’s not forget they come on top of 27.5 percent and 36 percent raises each position received (respectively) upon Haley taking office.

Other staffers are also now raking in bigger bucks.

Policy advisor Josh Baker – who made $60,000 in 2011 – is making $90,000 now.  Haley’s primary spokesman Rob Godfrey is making $89,000 – up from $65,000 in 2011.  Meanwhile Katherine Veldran – Haley’s legislative liaison (and Pearson’s latest love interest) – makes $81,600 compared to her 2011 salary of $65,000.

Haley’s deputy chief of staff Katherine Haltiwanger has seen her salary climb, too – from $80,000 to $89,090.

Former S.C. governor Mark Sanford had eight employees who made $50,000 or more – and only one (himself) who made more than $100,000.  Haley has twelve employees making $50,000 or more.  And while that’s the same number as 2011, she’s piled even more even money on top of what were already exorbitant salary increases to these employees.

Now … does that sound like the sort of politician who should be lecturing others about pay raises?  Especially as South Carolinians’ incomes remain stagnant?

No … although legislators obviously have zero room to talk when it comes to excessive staff salaries.

Ah, “Republican” rule.  You gotta love it …