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Larry Grooms Blasted For Gas Tax Hike




|| By FITSNEWS ||  This website endorsed S.C. Senator Larry Grooms in his failed 2013 bid for the U.S. Congress – believing him to be the most pro-free market candidate in the race.  Turns out that was a terrible mistake … which we realized a few months after the election when Grooms stabbed fiscal conservatives in the back by advancing a totally unnecessary highway project.

Well guess what … Grooms is screwing limited government supporters over again, helping to advance a gas tax hike that would penalize the Palmetto State’s motorists for his own failure to adequately prioritize spending.

We wrote on the proposal that cleared Grooms’ Senate committee last week, but this week a prominent national advocacy group is laying into him for his treachery.

“With big government politicians and lobbyists clamoring for gas tax hikes, South Carolinians needed a fiscal champion,” the narrator of the ad states.  “Instead we got Larry Grooms.”


Produced by Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the spot assails Grooms for being a hypocrite – one who brands himself as a taxpayer advocate but then sells taxpayers out when they “need him most.”

“After nearly twenty years in the Senate, Grooms wants us to believe he stands up for taxpayers,” the narrator continues. “But when we needed him most he let us down.  Grooms want to pass a 120 percent gas tax hike – just when we started to feel some relief at the pump he wants more of our money for mass transit and bicycle trails.”

The ad closes by encouraging taxpayers to contact Grooms, and “tell him to oppose all gas tax hikes.”

Here’s the spot (entitled “Let Us Down“) …

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Good for AFP …

South Carolina politicians who accommodate the status quo on this issue deserve to be blasted … and we’re glad to see Grooms taking one squarely in the grundle (especially in light of his prior sellouts on infrastructure-related issues).

More to the point: We keep hearing the fiction that South Carolinians support gas tax hikes.  This ad is yet another reminder that they most assuredly do not.