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GOP Voters: No Retreat On Immigration




|| By FITSNEWS ||  As noted on many previous occasions, this website has never “breathed fire” on the issue of immigration.  But then again we’ve never supported unconstitutional power plays by aspiring despots, either.

That’s why we slammed U.S. president Barack Obama for his recent executive actions on immigration – which even left-leaning Saturday Night Live  recognized as being a flagrant abuse of power.

“Obama cannot be allowed to usurp authority that doesn’t belong to him, no matter what his intention,” we wrote.

Indeed …

“Republican” voters agree.  Overwhelmingly, in fact.  According to a survey conducted by veteran pollster Patrick Caddell, there is monolithic GOP opposition to Obama’s actions – not to mention looming consequences for any “Republican” who chooses to accommodate the administration on this issue.

More than 80 percent of GOP voters oppose Obama’s immigration orders – while 70 percent support legislation “preventing any use of taxpayer money” to implement them.  Meanwhile a whopping 90 percent of GOP respondents believe Obama has exceeded his executive authority in issuing them.

Ready for the kicker?

By a ten-to-one margin GOP voters said they would be “less likely” to support a candidate for Congress who allowed tax dollars to go toward the implementation of Obama’s orders.  In fact two-thirds of GOP voters indicated they would be “much less likely” to support such a candidate.

That’s about as clear and unequivocal data you can get on an issue, people …

For those of you keeping score at home, Caddell’s firm polled 602 voters who were either “Republican” or voted for “Republicans” in the most recent midterm election.  Using a mix of land lines and cell phones, the nationwide survey was conducted between December 26-30 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Our guess is opposition to Obama’s orders is even stronger in South Carolina – which in addition to hosting the “First in the South” presidential primary is also one of the states challenging the measures in court.