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Lindsey Graham’s Poll Position: Very Vulnerable




Big government backer Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) is likely to win the GOP nomination for another term in the U.S. Senate when South Carolina “Republicans” go to the polls in June.

In fact the liberal lawmaker may claim the GOP nomination outright – without having to compete in a two-week runoff election (in South Carolina, major party candidates who fail to receive more than 50 percent of the vote on the primary ballot must face off against their nearest competitor in a head-to-head runoff matchup two weeks later).

But just because Graham clears his first major hurdle doesn’t mean he’s a shoo-in for a third term in Washington, D.C.

In fact fresh polling from Winthrop University underscores Graham’s challenge with general election voters in South Carolina.

According to the results of the latest Winthrop poll, Graham’s approval rating among registered voters is only 39.6 percent. Meanwhile 43.8 percent of respondents disapprove of the job he is doing.

Those are weak numbers for any candidate – but Graham’s problems are compounded by the fact he is facing a credible, well-funded Democrat (State Senator Brad Hutto) and in all likelihood a credible fiscally conservative independent (former GOP State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel).

Graham’s primary opponents also aren’t giving up their fight just yet.

“Senator Graham is avoiding debates that he previously committed to. His team is pressuring donors to not give to any of his opponents. He’s all over TV. He’s campaigning like never before, and writing specific legislation to get billionaire Super PAC funding,” a spokeswoman for the campaign of GOP challenger Bill Connor told FITS. “The important question is not whether we think he can lose: That goes without saying. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think he’s vulnerable. But what’s more important is that it’s obvious he thinks he can lose. And now based on the Democrats’ last minute surprise of a credible candidate, they think so too.”

Hard to argue with any of that …

Ravenel, a reality TV star who has indicated he will spend a sizable chunk of his personal fortune to oust Graham, echoed the theme about Graham’s dependence on special interest money.

“South Carolina voters know Lindsey Graham isn’t representing their interests – he’s representing the Washington D.C. insiders who are bankrolling his $8 million reelection campaign,” Ravenel said. “They also know the Democrats in the U.S. Senate – with whom Graham so frequently aligns – aren’t representing their interests either. They are bought and sold just like he is.”

Ravenel added “I cannot be bought. I don’t need anybody’s money. My only loyalty will be to your bottom line as a taxpayer – and the bottom line of our children and grandchildren.”

This website is no friend to Graham.

We consider him to be a shameless warmonger. And special interest whore. And fiscal liberal. And Obama abettor. And neo-fascist. And friend of terrorists. And thief of your liberty.

Not to mention a fraud …  and a hypocrite …

As such, we will continue to call him out at every turn …