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Lee Bright’s “Campaign of Ideas,” Everybody




In case it hasn’t been made abundantly clear over the last 1,000 or so posts, this website has zero love for liberal U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.)

Graham is a shameless warmonger. And special interest whore. And fiscal liberal. And Obama abettor. And neo-fascist. And friend of terrorists. And thief of your liberty.

Oh, he’s also a fraud … 

And a hypocrite … 

We can’t stand the guy … and will continue to devote ourselves to exposing him for the fabrication he is. Oh, and we will continue to do so aggressively … with substance.

Lee Bright? Not so much …

The socially conservative State Senator – who for reasons surpassing understanding remains one of Graham’s top 2014 GOP primary challengers – appears to be more interested in trying to drag Graham’s campaign into some sort of middle school spitball fight.

Just look at this “article” published on Bright-backing website Ben Swann – which lifts social media posts from a pair of mid-level Graham staffers who attended this year’s Carolina Cup horse races in Camden, S.C.

And (gasp) … consumed alcohol at the event.

The sinful horror, right?

By way of contrast, Bright’s staffers submitted an awkwardly staged war room image showing them hard at work calling voters – proof the Bright campaign is, according to Swann’s website, “in it to win it.”

Really, Lee Bright? Really?

Personally we’ll take pics of the hot blonde (who knows how to shotgun a beer) over the roomful of sanctimonious moralizers looking to interrupt our weekend with annoying political phone calls.

But that’s just us …

Bright’s, um, “strategy” is sad … but not surprising.

We knew the moment he confirmed owing creditors up to $3 million that he wasn’t going to be a credible alternative to Lindsey Graham. This is further proof of how right we were in making that assessment.

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