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It was another busy week at FITSNews as our intrepid researcher Jenn Wood paid a visit to our South Carolina headquarters. Jenn’s ability to effortlessly assemble and piece together information rivals that of Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds – and you’ll see the fruits of her latest visit in the coming weeks as the ‘Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga approaches a point of critical mass.

While Jenn was busy scouring public indexes and doing deep dives on property records and corporate filings, our founding editor Will Folks dropped a bombshell in the ongoing Bowen Turner saga – questioning whether two of the three sexual assault cases against the accused teen rapist were improperly assigned to the office of S.C. second circuit solicitor Bill Weeks.

This report was met almost immediately with a broadside from S.C. first circuit solicitor David Pascoe – the prosecutor who assigned the cases to Weeks. According to Pascoe, he had “no doubt” the office of Alan Wilson was behind the story – and accusing the attorney general of “irresponsibly” playing politics in order to get a “sensational headline.”

Will had a far more positive and productive conversation with S.C. senator Katrina Shealy about possible legislative solutions to improve the state’s badly broken “justice system.” FITSNews will continue to work with Shealy and any other members of the legislature to enact much needed reforms aimed at preventing miscarriages of justice

Will and Jenn also attended a press conference at the attorney general’s office announcing a major drug bust. According to Wilson and his law enforcement/ prosecutorial partners, the La Familia cartel used a Greenville S.C. Mexican restaurant – and its fleet of food trucks – to traffic drugs throughout the Upstate.

Talk about a memorable “Taco Tuesday …”

Incidentally, Will and Jenn used approximately half a tank of gas getting to and from the press conference – which based on current prices means this news outlet is on the verge of bankruptcy.

But seriously – gas is expensive right now. And on this week’s show Will walked us through how Palmetto State leaders are not helping the situation.

We cap the episode off with an update on the Brittanee Drexel case. Drexel’s loved ones finally have answers. Raymond Douglas Moody, 62, of Georgetown, S.C. has been charged with murder, kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct in the first degree in connection with the case.



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