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Rigged Democratic Nomination Included SC Party




Back in April of this year we highlighted the excellent work of a real-life Lois Lane (no really) – who exposed how big-dollar Hillary Clinton donors purchased Democratic superdelegates through a shady campaign finance network involving multiple state parties.

This network has been further exposed through the latest Wikileaks disclosures, which reveal the extent to which Clinton campaign operatives targeted wealthy liberals to participate in this overt “funding for favors” network.

Here’s how it worked.  On March 26 of this year, billionaire hedge fund manager Donald Sussman stroked a check for $343,000 to the Hillary Victory Fund.  The following month, the Hillary Victory Fund sent the maximum allowable amount of $33,400 to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) – which as we now know was in the tank for Clinton all along.  Next, on April 25, the Hillary Victory Fund included $10,000 of Sussman’s money in a $179,000 wire transfer to the S.C. Democratic Party (SCDP) – which then routed that money to the DNC that same day.

This process was repeated in at least nine other states, enabling Sussman to contribute roughly $133,400 to the national party – more than four times the legal limit.

“Since state parties transferring money to federal ones don’t have to disclose where all the money came from, it’s a work-around that allows more money than is legally allowed to be donated into a campaign from a single source,” Debra Kelly of the website ListVerse noted.

All told, more than 400 Democratic donors funneled $9.3 million to the national party through this shady network of “state party passthroughs.”

“These funds help strengthen our Democratic Party infrastructure in critical areas such as data, analytics, research and communications,” a party spokesperson told Bloomberg earlier this year.

Of course we now know the cash had other purposes, too.

Astoundingly, Clinton continues to present herself as a champion for campaign finance reform, claiming she will “work to curb the outsized influence of big money in American politics, shine a light on secret spending, and fight to make our democracy work for everyone – not just the wealthy and well-connected.”

Wow … lightning bolt, anyone?

Worth remembering?  SCDP chairman and staunch Clinton loyalist Jamie Harrison is employed by the firm founded by Clinton campaign manager John Podesta.  He was also one of Clinton’s superdelegates – and is currently in the mix to become the next national party chairman.

Does anyone really believe he’s on board with Clinton’s so-called “passionate” struggle to get “unaccountable money out of our politics?”

Yeah right …

Last week James O’Keefe – whose group Project Veritas Action has uncovered evidence of vote-rigging among Clinton/ DNC operatives – filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) regarding illegal “coordinated expenditures” between Clinton’s campaign, the Democratic party and various special interest groups supporting her candidacy.

Our hope?  That this complaint peels back the incestuous illegality of the “big money” Clinton has been using to destroy her populist enemies on the left and the right.