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Report: Myrtle Beach Down 2 Million Tourists




Myrtle Beach, S.C. will see a dramatic drop-off in tourism in 2016, according to a coastal watchdog website. is reporting that the city “will be down a minimum of 2 million tourists in 2016.”

By contrast, other destinations on the coast – Surfside, Garden City, Litchfield and Pawleys Island – “did very well” according to the website. editor David Hucks told us the website is basing its conclusions on data from “over 1,300 condo owners.”

Myrtle Beach has been plagued in recent months by problems related to dirty waterdirtier politicianshigh crime and higher taxes.

Even the jellyfish have refused to cooperate.

More ominously, the area simply isn’t evolving as a tourist destination – and faces the prospect of some significant monetary losses in the not-too-distant future unless it changes its approach.