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Another NSA Spying Scandal …




The National Security Agency (NSA) is staring down another spying scandal … this one involving members of the U.S. Congress who were discussing Barack Obama‘s widely pilloried nuclear deal with Iran.

Remember that debacle?  We do …

The agency was also spying on Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu – an ardent opponent of the deal – as well as various Jewish groups that were working against it.

Limited government activists were aghast at the latest revelations …

“There is absolutely no excuse for the Obama administration to spy on Congress to gather information on an active piece of legislation, in this case the Iran nuclear deal,” said Rick Manning, president of Americans for Limited Government. “Congress has many roles in foreign policy, including the Treaty Power and consideration of other agreements with foreign governments. There has to be a bright line between those congressional deliberations and the executive branch on these agreements, which members are under no obligation to support. The executive branch can spy on any foreign government it wishes, but the moment it nets deliberations with members of Congress on active legislation, those conversations should have been immediately destroyed, not passed along.”

Indeed …

Manning’s organization has plenty of credibility on this issue, too.  It first exposed how “Republican” members of Congress were duped into giving up their power to veto the deal – and has consistently pointed out how this turned certain defeat into a guaranteed victory for Obama.

Apparently Obama’s spies weren’t taking that victory for granted, though.

“The most damning aspect of this is that reportedly the White House did not tell the NSA to stop once it knew it was intercepting conversations with Congress on what was an active political dispute between the branches of government,” Manning added.  “If true, these offenses would be impeachable.”

He’s correct …

“What did the President know and when did he know it?” Manning continued, comparing Obama’s surveillance activities with those of former president Richard Nixon – who was forced to resign his office in August 1974 following the Watergate scandal.  “Senate and House intelligence committees must convene hearings on this issue, and the Attorney General should appoint a special prosecutor immediately.”

Will either of those things happen?  No.

Obama will never appoint a special prosecutor (at least not a credible one), and expecting the current “Republican” Congress to pursue hearings – let alone impeachment – against Obama is wishful thinking.  After all they just embraced virtually every aspect of his radical agenda!

More to the point: Why would the GOP move now on impeachment if it failed to do so during the far more egregious 2013 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scandal?

That was an overt use of administrative power to silence political dissent …

Obviously this isn’t the first time Obama’s administration has been busted spying on Congress.  In fact leading defenders of the federal government’s domestic spy apparatus went into full freakout mode back in 2014 when it was revealed Obama’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was snooping on them, too.

Oh well, props to Manning and his group for once again being on the leading edge of this issue.