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Poll: Bad News For Obama On IRS Scandal



Gallup is out with a new poll which suggests U.S. President Barack Obama is suffering some backlash thanks to the illegal targeting of limited government advocates by his Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

“Nearly six in 10 Americans believe that high-ranking IRS officials in Washington were aware the IRS had a practice of targeting conservative political groups for greater scrutiny in recent years,” Gallup’s pollsters note. “One-quarter think knowledge of this was mainly limited to the agency’s office in Cincinnati where the mishandled applications for tax-exempt status were processed.”

Obviously the involvement of higher-ups in Washington, D.C. is a fact, not a matter for conjecture. Same with the Obama administration’s awareness of these discriminatory tactics. But the fact that a majority of intellectually incurious, perpetually distracted Americans are actually aware of these realities is surprising …

The poll found that only 32 percent of Americans (including just 26 percent of independents) approve of Obama’s handling of the IRS scandal, compared to 58 percent (and 62 percent of independents) who disapprove.

Those are terrible numbers, people.

Yet while the IRS scandal is a big deal, only 49 percent of Americans in the Gallup survey viewed it as a “very serious” issue.  Meanwhile 28 percent said it was “somewhat serious.”

Really? Really?

We view it as deathly serious, people … and so should you. Same with the massive domestic spying initiative unearthed last week.

Unfortunately, the Gallup poll found that 24 percent of Americans are only “somewhat following” this story while 21 percent are not following it all.