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Joe Wilson Votes To Revive Crony Capitalist Slush Fund




Last time we checked in with U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson he was doing a little taxpayer-funded vacationing … err, “fact-finding” … in Hawaii.

Must be nice …

Anyway, Wilson is back in Washington, D.C.  How do we know?  Because this week was the only “Republican” member of the “conservative” South Carolina congressional delegation voting to consider reviving the crony capitalist U.S. Export-Import bank.

The rest of the Palmetto State’s GOP delegation – including notorious Ex-Im flip-flopper Mark Sanford – voted against the measure (although we’re sure Sanford got permission from his corporate masters first).

For those of you not hip to this debate (or in need of a refresher), the Ex-Im bank is an ethically challenged, market-distorting slush fund that doles out low interest loans to foreign entities – which turn around and make purchases from select American companies.  That arrangement works out very well for executives at Boeing and General Electric – the fund’s top two beneficiaries – but very poorly for other U.S. companies.

It’s also a bad deal for American consumers, who are basically subsidizing higher consumer prices …

Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives allowed the fund’s authorization to lapse … but now 62 “Republicans” (including Wilson) have voted (with 184 Democrats) to revive the issue.

Sad …

Someone remind us: Why did voters put the GOP in charge again? 

Because this is more bought and paid for government “of, by and for the special interests.”

Wilson represents one of the most “conservative” congressional districts in America.  When is someone going to step up and challenge him?