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United CEO Gets $21 Million “Exit Package”




|| By FITSNEWS || The former CEO of United Airlines – who resigned in disgrace amid a federal corruption probe of one of New Jersey governor Chris Christie‘s top allies – received an exit package from the company valued at anywhere between $21-28 million.

Oh, and Jeff Smisek gets to keep his company car – which he can park free of charge anywhere in downtown Chicago (and at airports in Houston and Chicago) for the rest of his life.

He also gets to fly free on United Airlines for the rest of his life.

Must be nice … right?

United is accused of establishing a money-losing direct route to Columbia Metropolitan Airport at the behest of former port authority chairman (and former New Jersey attorney general) David Samson – a Christie ally who spent weekends in South Carolina with his wife.

Here, specifically.

The favor was done for Samson at a time when United was seeking taxpayer funds in connection with a $2 billion expansion of Newark Liberty airport – one of the carrier’s biggest hubs.

Samson resigned his position with the port authority during the 2014 “Bridge-gate” scandal – taking the fall for Christie, who is also reportedly part of the federal investigation.

United suspended the route three days after Samson’s resignation …

Not surprisingly, outrage has ensued in the aftermath of Smisek receiving his golden parachute.

“These so-called ‘elites’ have perverted American justice to such a degree that not only are they now entirely above the law, they’re actually rewarded for unethical and crony behavior even after they get caught,” wrote Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg.

Amen to that …

If corporate cronyism makes you want to barf, too … don’t do it on a United plane.  Apparently they’ve been having some issues lately cleaning up after themselves.  According to CBS Sacramento, a couple taking an anniversary trip to Hawaii found a full barf bag inside a blanket stowed away in the seat-back pocket in front of them.  Not only that, the contents of the bag spilled all over the couple when they attempted to hand it over to a United flight attendant.

All the airline gave them for their trouble? A $300 credit on a future flight …