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Hillary Clinton: An “Everyday American” Is Coming To SC




|| By FITSNEWS || Presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will bring her so-called “everyday Americans” presidential campaign to early-voting South Carolina this week.

The former first lady/ senator/ secretary of state will be the keynote speaker at the third annual “Day in Blue” – an event hosted this Wednesday by the S.C. House Democratic Women’s Caucus and the S.C. Democratic Women’s Council.

We wonder … will Clinton be waiving her $225,000 speaking fee for this event?  What about her demand for a chartered “Gulfstream 450 or larger jet” to travel to and from her speaking engagements?  Or her insistence on staying in the “presidential suite” at her hotel?

Good questions …

According to an extensive list of Clinton’s demands (.pdf here), she even forces her host organisms … err, organizations … to pay a $1,000 fee to a stenographer for the purpose of creating an immediate transcript of her remarks (even though her team “will be unable to share a copy of the transcript following the event”).

Oh, and according to Clinton’s handlers she is to spend no more than thirty minutes in any photo line – which is “not to exceed 50 photos with up to 100 people.”

Sheesh …

We’re sure Clinton is a very busy woman.  Deleting emails and manipulating tax returns to cover up her slavish devotion to the status quo has to be all sorts of time-consuming.  And we’re obviously not going to begrudge her right to charge whatever the market will bear (in both fees and exorbitant expenses) to deliver speeches.

That’s capitalism.

But please, Hill.  Don’t come to one of the poorest states in America on your Gulfstream 450 (or larger jet) and tell us you’re an “everyday American.”  And don’t tell us you’re any different than the rest of the privileged few running this Republic into the ground.