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Hillary Clinton’s “Boeing Bonanza”




|| By FITSNEWS || Aircraft manufacturer Boeing doled out $900,000 to Hillary Clinton‘s foundation after the former first lady/ senator/ secretary of state lobbied for a Russian state-owned airline seeking to buy Boeing jets using funding from the controversial U.S. Export-Import Bank.

Boeing also subsidized one of Clinton’s pet projects at the U.S. State Department – ignoring ethical rules against such undue corporate influence over government.

Additionally the company’s top lobbyist – Tim Keating – was one of the fundraisers of the “Ready for Hillary” movement, which laid the groundwork for Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Will we read about any of this in Clinton’s emails?  LOL.  Or her foundation’s tax returns?  Ummmm …

And will we hear Clinton refer to Boeing’s executives when she tours early-voting primary states in search of “everyday Americans?”

Yeah … probably not.

A corrupt crony capitalist slush fund, the Ex-Im Bank hurts the competitiveness of U.S. airlines and raises ticket prices for consumers (a.k.a. “everyday Americans”) by enabling foreign airlines access to cheaper planes.  This leads to the cancellation of routes (and higher ticket prices) when U.S.-based airlines can no longer compete on price.

It’s also a flagrant distortion of the free market … one which accrues almost exclusively to the benefit of Boeing brass.

“This is a shameless pitch for Rosavia (Russia’s government-owned airline) to buy Boeing aircraft,” Clinton said during a 2009 visit to Moscow.

Not only shameless, self-serving …

Why is Boeing so eager to help Hillary?  Easy: The company grossed $3.7 billion on the Rosavia deal …

This website has consistently opposed “Boeing’s Bank,” arguing against its market manipulation and the corruption associated with the disbursement of its taxpayer-guaranteed loans.  That’s why we were shocked earlier this year when U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford – who previously opposed the bank – flip-flopped and agreed to support its reauthorization.

FITS attempted to question Sanford about this issue last month after his colleagues in the U.S. House uncovered a major bribery scandal at the agency.

Sanford’s response?  Accusing this website’s founding editor Will Folks of living “in judgment world.”

As brazen as it may be, Clinton’s Boeing scandal is unlikely to hurt her in early-voting South Carolina – where she was pummeled by Barack Obama in 2008.  That’s because the Palmetto State’s legacy media is 100 percent in the tank for the Chicago-based company, which operates a heavily subsidized manufacturing facility in North Charleston, S.C.