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Mark Sanford Doesn’t Like Criticism




|| By FITSNEWS || U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford doesn’t like being called a “corporate whore.”  Nor does he like his latest sellout to the “Republican” establishment being compared to fellatio.  In fact he reached out to this website’s founding editor this week to voice his displeasure regarding the tone of our recent criticism.

“You can’t be using the language that you’re using – you can’t be making the innuendo you’re using about a man sucking another man’s penis,” Sanford said during a Thursday morning call to FITS founding editor Will Folks. “I’m just telling you as a friend you might want to get off the high horse because it’s a dangerous place to be.”

Sanford added that “the Lord is going to humble you.”

“I’d be careful in terms of your own soul,” he said.

Folks repeatedly tried Sanford to focus on the issue at hand – specifically whether he would reconsider his shameless sellout on reauthorizing a crony capitalist slush fund in light of looming indictments against the fund’s personnel.

“No, no, no … I’m not playing your game,” Sanford responded.  “I don’t have time to play your game.”

“When you line up your voting record against mine then we’ll talk,” Sanford said.  “It’s very easy to criticize when you don’t have to cast one vote.”

Actually it is easy to criticize.  But it’s also easy to vote the right way … in fact, Sanford repeatedly eschewed such political sellouts during his first stint in Congress (from 1995-2001) – and was overwhelmingly reelected twice by voters appreciative of his principled positions.

Asked again whether he would reconsider his vote, Sanford said he wasn’t going to respond on the record to “unprofessional” inquiries.

“I’ve lived in judgment world and it’s a place you don’t wanna be,” he said.  “Only God can judge.”

Folks attempted to get Sanford to answer the question a third time, only to be told “there you go – you’re getting on the high horse again.”

Sanford then began lecturing Folks on the latter’s “un-Christian” behavior and asking him whether Jesus would have leveled such unflattering criticism at “another Christian.”

Folks response?  Asking Sanford what Jesus would think about selling out taxpayers to benefit corporate executives … including a CEO who made $30 million last year.

“I don’t think Jesus cares,” Sanford responded.

Really?  That’s an interesting response seeing how Sanford played the Jesus card in the aftermath of another recent sellout – his vote in support of fiscally liberal U.S. Speaker John Boehner.

Folks asked Sanford if Jesus didn’t care about his votes, then why did he publicize his consultation with the Almighty?

“I never said ‘Jesus,’ I said I prayed about it,” Sanford shot back. “Show me where it says ‘Jesus.'”

Asked who he prayed to, Sanford replied “that’s between me and God.”

Sheesh …

Sanford – generally a cool customer – repeatedly raised his voice during the eight-minute exchange, which was by far the testiest conversation our founding editor has ever had with the man he helped elect governor of South Carolina in 2002.

He was angry … telling Folks “to impugn one completely based on one vote I don’t this is fair.”

Look: We get that Sanford is upset.  After all, he’s admitted publicly that he is voting for something that he knows is wrong … because a big company in his district wants him to vote for it.  That’s gotta eat away at somebody’s soul.

Also, Sanford is doing exactly what he once vowed he would never do – vote for something that’s bad for the country just because it (ostensibly) benefits his district.  Again, that’s something that’s got to eat away at him.

But if Sanford thinks for one second we are going to pull punches … or be on the receiving end of lectures in morality from him … he’s sorely mistaken.