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Marco Rubio Is Two-Faced On Immigration




|| By FITSNEWS || If you’re a “Republican” primary voter, chances are U.S. Senator Marco Rubio isn’t going to tell you much about his involvement in a failed 2013 immigration reform effort.  In fact according to McKay Coppins of Buzzfeed, all Rubio offers 2016 voters on the issue is “a few stilted talking points” before “angling to change the subject.”

Why would he do that?  Because GOP primary voters didn’t like the bill he backed … and they especially didn’t like the executive overreach Barack Obama employed in responding to it (or the capitulation of the GOP House in response to that).

Rubio was an aggressive supporter of immigration reform – and one of only fourteen “Republicans” in the U.S. Senate to vote for it (South Carolina’s own liberal Lindsey Graham was another).

Yet while Rubio is hoping primary voters – especially “First in the South” voters – forget all about the legislation, his campaign is reportedly using it to rake in big money from establishment “Republican” donors.

“As Rubio labors to publicly distance himself from the legislation so loathed by conservative primary voters, he and his aides have privately highlighted this line in his resume when soliciting support from the deep-pocketed donors in the party’s more moderate business wing,” Coppins reported.

And while Rubio won’t talk about it on the stump, one of these donors told reporters earlier this year that “he has not backed away from wanting immigration reform at all.”

In other words Rubio is cashing in on his left-of-center voting record so he can buy a bunch of ads telling us what a “conservative” he is … knowing full well that he’s only going to “flip back” after the primary.

Sheesh …

Oddly enough, this website has never breathed fire on the issue of illegal immigration.  We’ve consistently urged pathways to status and other “progressive” reforms as possible solutions – although we’ve always acknowledged that border security (i.e. turning off the illegal alien spigot) is one of the few things government is supposed to do.

Our beef with Rubio?  It’s not necessarily his views on this particular issue … it’s the fact he’s being two-faced.

Yet another reason, in our estimation, to oppose his candidacy.