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Pickens County SC: The GOP Battle Rages On




|| By FITSNEWS || We honestly can’t believe true supporters of freedom and free markets still believe the “Republican” is worth saving.  We gave up on the GOP years ago  … fed up with its (ongoing) legacy of hypocrisy on fiscal issues and its insufferable sanctimony on social ones.

In our humble opinion, it’s past time for a third way … believe us.

Amazingly, the vast majority of “conservative” activists in early voting South Carolina – dubbed the “reddest state in the nation” – still believe the GOP is worth fighting for, even as “Republican-controlled” leaders steer the ship of state further to the left.

Case in point: Greenville County, S.C. – heart of the socially conservative Upstate – where a rebellion of reform-minded GOP activists was recently put down.

Fast-forward to this week in Pickens County, S.C., another socially conservative region of the Palmetto Upstate where limited government GOP activists have experienced some success at controlling local party organizations.

According to several of these activists who attended this week’s Pickens County convention – a trio of liberal state lawmakers and a disgraced former state-level appointee conspired to take over the local party.  In fact the attempted coup may have been supported at the state level – as several operatives have suggested SCGOP state director Hope Walker was supporting the effort.

The goal?  To seat an estimated 40-50 new delegates – many of them rumored to be former Democratic voters – in the hopes of swinging the organization back to the left.

“The GOP establishment want Pickens to get back in line,” one operative told FITS.

According to our sources, the state party is upset with the Pickens County GOP for its repeated broadsides against establishment politicians like liberal U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham, who hails from nearby Seneca, S.C.

Hence the coup by left-leaning S.C. Reps. Gary Clary, Neal Collins and Davey Hiott – who believe the local party has been overtaken by Tea Partiers who are actively opposing their reelection efforts.

Assisting them?  Disgraced former S.C. board of education chairwoman Kristin Maguire.

FITS readers will recall Maguire as a sanctimonious social conservative who fought to prevent South Carolina’s government-run sex education curricula from including – among other things – references to oral sex.  Technically we agree with her: Government shouldn’t be funding any sex education … but Maguire was forced to resign her position on the board after this website uncovered her side career as an erotic author.

Wearing a bright red dress, Maguire repeatedly objected to the rulings of county party chairman Phillip Bowers – who refused to seat the new delegates.

She even threatened to have the convention nullified – and she may get her way.

Sources tell FITS the SCGOP’s executive committee will hear a challenge from the establishment “Republicans” who tried and failed to take over the Pickens County party.  In fact, SCGOP chairman Matt Moore is apparently on board with the challenge.

“As State Chairman, I cannot stand idly by when so many Republicans were blocked from participating,” Moore told The Easley Progress. “The S.C. Republican Party State Executive Committee will meet this weekend to hear appeals and consider next steps, including but not limited to invalidating the Pickens County convention and beginning the process again with impartial officers.”

Impartial officers?  We think what Moore is really trying to say is that he wants “liberal delegates who won’t get angry when GOP politicians sell out.”

Again … we don’t especially care one way or the other what happens to the Pickens GOP, the SCGOP or the Republican National Committee (RNC).  Like we said, “Republicans” are dead to us.

We bring up the issue because it’s instructive of the futility of trying to change the “Republican” party.