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Nikki Haley Wins Reelection (Not Yet, But It’s Coming …)




By FITSNEWS  ||  Despite shameless corruptionrampant mismanagement, galling hypocrisy and economic stagnation, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is cruising to reelection in the “Republican-controlled” Palmetto State.

Top line data from internal tracking polls provided exclusively to FITS show Haley with a ten-point edge over Democrat Vincent Sheheen – results that mirror the outcome of publicly released polls earlier this month.

Self-styled “independent Republican” Tom Ervin and Libertarian Steve French were both showing “some upward motion” following a gubernatorial debate last week – but nowhere near enough to move the needle.

“It’s over,” one Democratic consultant privately confided to FITS.

Underscoring Haley’s advantage?  A nearly 3-to-1 edge over Sheheen in available cash-on-hand as the election enters its final two weeks.

Haley’s campaign reported donations of $1.2 million during the recently concluded fundraising quarter.  That leaves her campaign with $1.4 million on hand over the next fourteen days.  By contrast, Sheheen’s campaign reported raising $800,000 during the recent quarter – but has only $578,000 on hand.

Yeah … ruh-roh.

FITS exclusively reported last week on Sheheen’s dwindling television advertising buys … now we see in black-and-white the reason behind the decline.

Of course it’s not like Sheheen’s ads were hitting the mark anyway …

Frankly, it’s inconceivable that we’re writing an article like this.  Haley’s record is abysmal, her poll numbers are weak and her political right flank was wide open for exploitation.  She should have been one of the most vulnerable incumbent governors in America … yet she’s going to win in a walk.

Go figure …