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Barack Obama’s Visit: SC Dems Play Politics




|| By FITSNEWS || For the first time since January 2008, U.S. president Barack Obama will set foot on Palmetto State soil this week.  Obviously that makes this his first visit to South Carolina as president … and makes South Carolina No. 48 on the list of states “graced” by his presence.

What took him so long? Well, according to U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, hesitation about a presidential visit stemmed from a 2009 comment by former “Republican” party activist Rusty DePass – who compared first lady Michelle Obama to an escaped gorilla at a local zoo (news of which broke exclusively on FITS).

“Those comments made his staff nervous,” Clyburn told The (Columbia, S.C.) State newspaper.

Mmmmm-kay …

Anyway, Clyburn is crediting embattled S.C. Democratic Party chairman Jamie Harrison – whose candidates got shellacked in the 2014 election – with convincing Obama to come to South Carolina.  Also receiving significant “Obama love” from Clyburn?  Embattled Columbia, S.C. mayor Steve Benjamin – whose 2014 sex scandal continues to cause him problems with black religious leaders.

Benjamin upset black leaders again when he attempted to install a new “tolerance bureaucrat” within city government – ostensibly to push the ball forward on the issue of gay marriage.  That proposal prompted “rebellion” among black leaders – who bluntly informed Benjamin he could no longer count on their support.

Will a visit from “Brother Barack” fix that?

It shouldn’t …

As this website has pointed out Obama has been a disaster for black Americans.  Sort of like black “leaders” here in the Palmetto State have been disastrous for black South Carolinians.

Still, Obama receives slavish devotion (pardon the pun) from “his people.”

“He’s standing up for us,” one student at Benedict College (the site of Obama’s visit) told The State.

Ummm … “nah, bruh.”

Obama’s standing up for secretive central bankers, bureaucrats, Big Labor, radical environmentalists, the military-industrial complex … all the same status quo forces his brand of “hope and change” was supposed to be standing against.

“Standing for us?”

With all due respect, that’s a Benedict education for you …