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Eleanor Kitzman Slammed For $74-An-Hour Temp Job




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s nominee to lead the largest agency in state government was awarded a $74-an-hour temp job earlier this month to “tide her over” until she was confirmed for her full-time position by the State Senate.

The revelation is the latest bombshell to rock the confirmation process for Eleanor Kitzman – who was tapped by Haley last month to become next director of the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).  Kitzman’s nomination is now in peril after Senators say she lied to them on multiple occasions about her past (news of which broke exclusively on FITS earlier this week).

“If she had a brain she would withdraw,” one Senator told FITS.

Wow …

Lawmakers say Kitzman took her part-time post two weeks ago – ostensibly enabling her to “start meeting some of the people” at the agency while she awaited confirmation.

Talk about presumptuous … not to mention a waste of tax dollars.

Kitzman’s nomination was already in trouble … due in no small part to a lack of support from Haley’s office.  Of course Haley has been aggressively lobbying Senators over the past few days, calling them into her office for one-on-one meetings and imploring them to support her embattled nominee.

“She’s desperate,” one Senator who met with Haley told FITS.

She should be …

Kitzman lost her job as Texas’ insurance commissioner in 2013 after it became clear the State Senate there was not going to confirm her nomination.  Why not?  For starters, Kitzman was accused of deliberately withholding information regarding the profit margins of insurance companies in the Lone Star State (after permitting these companies to impose double-digit rate hikes on consumers).

Kitzman’s Texas issues have followed her to South Carolina – where she already had her share of problems.  At the heart of the matter?  Kitzman’s ongoing proximity to Haley’s personal life – including details of the governor’s past that continue to linger just below the surface of her national ambitions.

During a twenty-five minute opening statement to lawmakers, Kitzman said she pulled herself up from nothing in life – building a successful career from the ground up.

“By all rights, I should be a waitress in a diner,” she said.

Right … instead she’s pulling down $74 an hour.

Anyway, Senators will take up her nomination again on Tuesday … assuming she doesn’t withdraw before then.