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US Retail Tanks … Again




|| By FITSNEWS ||  WTF, economy?  Another month and America’s promised “consumer renaissance” still has yet to materialize …

After taking an unexpectedly vicious beating to close out 2014, retail spending has tanked once again … dropping 0.8 percent in January (after a 0.9 percent decline in December), according to U.S. Commerce Department data.

That’s the worst back-to-back showing for retail since October 2009 – when America was in the throes of the “Great Recession.”  It’s also twice as steep a decline as economists were anticipating.

Oh, and it’s also further evidence that low gas prices aren’t stimulating squat (hmmmm … wonder why).

“The tone of this report was disappointing as it points to a weak start to spending activity this year, despite the significant boost to disposable income from lower gasoline prices,” one analyst told CNBC.


The American economy is softening, people.  It just is.  And the politically driven wealth redistribution keeps rolling right along … as the red ink rises.

Good times, huh?  Yeah …

Of course if you’d prefer to continue believing “everything is awesome,” well … the rainbow and unicorns crowd has got you covered.