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Igor Birman: From Russia … With Conservatism?




California’s seventh congressional district – located east of the state capitol in Sacramento – is a rare “swing” district. That doesn’t mean it’s full of swingers (at least not that we know of), it means the district’s registered voters are evenly split between Democrats and “Republicans.”

Oh, with around one-fifth of them registered as “independents …”

The district is currently represented by Ami Bera, a Democrat, but the GOP has made it one of the party’s top “takeover” priorities in 2014.

Three Republican candidates have filed for the seat – most notably Igor Birman, an attorney with one of the more interesting personal narratives you’ll hear over the course of this election cycle.

Birman was born in the Soviet Union, where according to his campaign website he “learned at a young age what it means to live in a society that suppresses freedom.” In 1994, Birman came to America as a refugee and at the age of nineteen he became an American citizen.

A former advisor to U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock (R-California), Birman has made individual freedom and free markets the focus of his campaign against establishment GOP candidates Doug Ose and Elizabeth Emken.

“It’s the increasingly fast transfer of our most basic, most intimate decisions, from ‘We The People’ to we the government,” he recently told Glenn Beck. “At some point we’re going to come to a very important moment where government is going to be making a large portion of our day-to-day decisions – from the cradle to the grave – where we’re in danger of losing our freedom. And that’s why I’m running for Congress. I know that going down that road does not end well.”

He does know …

Birman also told Beck that “so many in Washington, D.C. have lost their courage” to stand against to the forces pushing this unfortunate progression. He also made no bones about his primary race being a referendum on the future of the GOP (assuming it still has one).

“This election is probably the brightest contrast between a constitutional conservative and a liberal Republican running for office in America today,” Birman said. “I think the results are going to be very, very telling about not just the direction of the Republican Party but the direction of America. If we fail to elect leaders who believe in the Constitution, it’s going to be tough to recover our freedoms.”

Agreed … wholeheartedly. Especially when so many “Republicans” are leading the invasion of our freedom.

Birman has been endorsed by former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, the National Association for Gun Rights, FreedomWorks and many others. That’s a nice nexus of support as far as we’re concerned.

Don’t get us wrong: We still believe the GOP is beyond salvation, but this website will support pro-freedom, pro-free market candidates for federal office who run as Republicans.

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