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Randy Scott’s Soft Landing



Former City of Columbia, S.C. police chief Randy Scott couldn’t handle the pressure of his six-figure job as the capital city’s top cop due to post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from the death of a fellow officer eight years ago.

Yeah … and if you believe that story congratulations! You’re officially qualified to serve as a member of the Palmetto State’s mainstream media.

The real reason Scott “resigned? That’s a much different story …

Bottom line? This self-proclaimed “family man” couldn’t keep his cock in his pants or his substance abuse problem under control. Oh and he was glaringly incompetent and a miserable failure when it came to keeping the public safe.

But hey … Scott has some well-connected friends, including Richland County, S.C. Sheriff Leon Lott. In fact this week Lott confirmed that his office had hired Scott to a $40,000-a-year position (not counting benefits).

What will Scott be doing? “Inspecting,” apparently (like a drug dog or something … just guessing).


Not in South Carolina … certainly it’s no more shocking than the cushy taxpayer-funded job that Richland County leaders awarded to the woman who helped them steal an election.