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ccAdvertising Polls Sanford-Busch Race



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On April 30, 2013, ccAdvertising conducted surveys to 20,000 records from the Mobile Phone Channel (MPC) in South Carolina, gauging popular opinion on the upcoming congressional race and seeking those who would want to receive further political communications.

This survey asked several unique questions, applicable only to the MPC, and it revealed:

43% of respondents have apps on their mobile phone.

This is another way of asking if they have a Smart Phone. It is reflective of the current Smart Phone market.

25% of respondents have an iPhone.

This makes up approximately 50% of app-enabled (Smart Phone) respondents.

36% of respondents have a landline phone in their home.

This is a unique question that can only be asked in the MPC and is indicative of the political and commercial importance of this channel.

13% of respondents opted-in for future communications to their mobile phone.

This allows ccAdvertising’s political and non-profit clients to send Email to Text (ETT) messages to these phones, including: fundraising appeals, links to videos and audio files, newsletters, phone numbers to connect to tele-town halls, and other unique services that the MPC allows.

The survey ran on April 30, 2013. 1,807 people participated in the survey. The following chart shows the support for each candidate:


Sanford: 39.53% • Busch: 40.00% • Undecided / Other: 20.47%

  • 60.12% are registered voters.
  • 13.43% would welcome political content being delivered to their phone.
  • 49.01% are Republican.
  • 29.80% are Democrat.
  • 21.19% are Independent.
  • 32.18% are supporters of the Tea Party movement.
  • 55.45% believe that their family will be better off next year.
  • 15.33% speak Spanish.
  • 67.53% are anti-tax.
  • 67.97% are pro-life.
  • 61.03% are traditional marriage supporters.
  • 61.76% support gun owners’ rights.
  • 42.76% use apps on their phone.
  • 25.06% own an iPhone.
  • 36.03% have a landline phone in their homes.
  • 59.47% are male.
  • 95.90% are 18 years of age or older.
  • 47.22% are 50 years of age or older.


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