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Voter Voices: Michelle Wiles



Welcome to the first installment of FITSNews’ “Voter Voices,” part of our website’s ongoing effort to gauge the sentiment of our readers on various issues and candidates as the 2016 “First in the South” presidential primary election begins to heat up.  

Want to participate in this forum yourself?  It’s easy.  Just fill out answers to the questions in bold (below) and email them to us along with a headshot.



Michelle Wiles

Name: Michelle Wiles
Occupation: Sales Manager and Home Educator
Hometown: Duncan, S.C.

I am … a person who loves America and the Constitution.

My top issue is … government debt. We cannot survive as a country if government continues its irresponsible, unsustainable spending. I do not believe the government knows what is best for us when it comes to programs and expenditures. I believe in personal responsibility. I believe in entrepreneurship – it is what made America. Government does not create jobs, it sucks America dry.  I have children and the thought of what we are doing to them and what kind of country we will leave them … is frightening.

Another issue that matters to me is … national security.  Our country’s vulnerability is unbelievable to me.  The greatest, mightiest, and most exceptional country in the world has a president who is simply not willing to stand and defend it.

My 2016 choice is … Senator Ted Cruz. The fact that he has called president Obama the “Lawless Imperator” speaks volumes.  To speak the truth and not be afraid of is courageous. Ted Cruz is pro-life and supports personhood.  He has vowed to repeal Obamacare. He is pro Second Amendment and opposes the United Nations’ Arms Trade Treaty.  He supports our military.  He is against Obama’s illegal amnesty and is for defunding amnesty – he supports securing our borders.  He opposes Obama’s dangerous “deal” with Iran.  He loves our country and he isn’t afraid of the establishment.  Finally, I have looked him straight in the eyes, and I trust him.

In the 2012 primary, I voted for … Newt Gingrich because I felt like he could lead this country back to the principles of Ronald Reagan.

I believe America’s future is … advancing towards its best days.  We may go through a lot of turmoil and changes but in the end God wins.

The next president needs to … change everything Obama has done.  This country, the best country in the world, is not socialist by design and his attempts to turn it into a socialist nation are hurting consumers, businesspeople and taxpayers.


Justin Evans (Supporting Donald Trump)


Once again, if you’d like to participate in “Voter Voices,” just email us your answers to the questions above (along with a headshot).  And if you don’t have a 2016 presidential favorite yet, that’s okay.  Just tell us who you like and/or don’t like – and why.

We look forward to publishing additional responses soon!