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Mark Sanford Loses Another Chief Of Staff




|| By FITSNEWS || U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford is in search of his fourth chief of staff in thirteen months.

You read that right … his fourth chief of staff in thirteen months.

Holy turnover, right?  Indeed … oh, and in addition to this revolving door at the top let’s not forget the flood of recent departures from his Washington, D.C. office.

Seriously … are there any rats left on this sinking ship?  What’s gives?

From our story back in May …

Well, Sanford is insane.  And seeing as he now lacks any real substance, there’s no longer any justification for tolerating the insanity.

Yup … that about sums it up.

Sanford’s insanity and chronic narcissism – chronicled in a new book by his former speechwriter Barton Swaim – could at least be tolerated when he was voting the right way.

But now Sanford is just another crony capitalist “Republican.”  Now he does what liberal Speaker of the House John Boehner tells him to do, not what’s in the best interests of citizens and taxpayers.

From another recent piece …

Sanford – who puffed himself up as a citizen legislator – has become nothing but a corporate whore.  And a political whore.   Of course according to him, it’s all okay because he’s got Jesus on his side … and any one who dares to criticize him has problems with their soul.

And now his most trusted advisor has bailed on him …

Scott English – who has worked for Sanford on-and-off for decades – took over as his chief of staff back in January.  It was hoped English would provide some long-overdue adult supervision over the emotionally immature lawmaker – but that obviously isn’t going to happen.

As of August 10, English is escaping the insane asylum – taking a position as executive director of the American Philatelic Society.

That’s right … the stamp people (for those of you not down with philately).

“It’s an honor to join the American Philatelic Society as Executive Director,” English said in a statement released by the group.  “This organization has a rich tradition, with a dedicated staff and members who share a great passion for stamp collecting. My first priority is meeting as many members as possible in the coming months and learning how the APS can best serve them. I also want to learn how the APS can effectively partner with other organizations with similar interests.”

Good God.

We’d like to say we wish English the best in his future endeavors … but we really don’t.  He’s spent the better part of two decades being the “asshole behind the asshole,” and as much comeuppance as is due to Sanford is due to him as well.