Nikki Haley Joins Neocon Think Tank

Warmongers gonna warmonger …

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Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has joined a Washington, D.C.-based neoconservative think tank, according to a news release from the organization.

Haley is the newest member of the Hudson Institute, which bills itself as “a research organization promoting American leadership for a secure, free and prosperous future.”

What does this group really support? Forever war: A never-ending stream of billions (well, trillions) of dollars in mostly deficit spending plunged into a myriad of global conflicts nebulously tied to a new so-called “axis of evil.”

Can American taxpayers (both current and future generations of them) really afford such entanglements? No. Would the massive military investments have the desired effect even if they could? No … no they would not.



Nonetheless, Haley has served as cheerleader-in-chief for the American war party for years – all part of a carefully calculated bid to make her the Republican presidential nominee.

How’d that bet pay off this go-round?

Yeah … not well.

Haley has found a soft landing, though – and a new perch from which to continue spouting her clichéd, warmongering bombast.

“When our policymakers fail to call out our enemies or acknowledge the importance of our alliances, the world is less safe,” Haley said in a statement announcing her new position.

Actually, the world is less safe when America mindlessly subsidizes multiple sides of conflicts it has no business being a part of in the first place … like the ongoing proxy war in Eastern Europe, for example, or the centuries-old religious struggle in the Middle East.




According to Haley’s new employers, though, such perpetual entanglements “directly impact the security of the United States.”

“Nikki is a proven, effective leader on both foreign and domestic policy,” Hudson’s president and chief executive officer, John P. Walters, added. “In an era of worldwide political upheaval, she has remained a steadfast defender of freedom and an effective advocate for American security and prosperity.”

Is America secure, though? Or prosperous? And would the policies Haley championed during her presidential bid do anything to make it more so on either front?

Let’s be clear: Haley has not been a “proven, effective leader.” She has been a self-serving opportunist on the national stage from the moment she first stepped foot on it – someone willing to stab anyone in the back at a moment’s notice if it benefited her politically. More insidiously, the incessant saber-rattling at the epicenter of her reckless rhetoric remains rooted in self-interest (see here and here) – and corporate interests – not any national interest.

This post is confirmation that Haley’s modus operandi as a national politician has not changed. She continues to exist for the sole purpose of shilling for those who seek to shed other people’s blood – and spend other people’s treasure – padding their pockets and the pockets of their wealthy military donors.



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Jeff Mattox Top fan April 15, 2024 at 2:21 pm

The vast majority of “think tanks” are much like baseball “bull pens” where the scum of the earth practice their evil spells many describe as “war mongering” or “whoring for dollars”. Nikki will fit in nicely with the trolls and misfits of this underworld of darkness and skullduggery.

Observer (the real one) April 15, 2024 at 2:43 pm

Well said, Jeff! Ditto Will’s comments about her!


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