#SouthernCharm: Dark Days For Thomas Ravenel

Another fall from grace …


Things are going from bad to worse for Thomas Ravenel, the disgraced politician/ reality television star whose burgeoning #MeToo problem was exclusively unearthed by this news site several weeks ago.

Yeah … this rollercoaster ride everybody has been taking with the star of Bravo TV’s Southern Charm?

Our news site got it started …

Additionally, our guest columnist Amy Feinstein has been absolutely tonning it with her reviews of the show.  Hilarious stuff, people.

Anyway, as most of our readers know Ravenel is staring down the business end of a criminal investigation into multiple allegations of sexual assault.  And yes, news of that probe also broke exclusively on this news site …

The Charleston, S.C. police department investigation remains active, with detectives continuing to conduct interviews with individuals who have knowledge of Ravenel’s alleged misdeeds.  In fact, interviews were being conducted as recently as last week.

Meanwhile Bravo TV and Haymaker – the company which produces Southern Charm – also claim to be “investigating” the allegations against Ravenel, but so far all they appear to have done is issue a gag order prohibiting cast members and others associated with the show from speaking publicly about the situation.

The dam is breaking, though …

In recent days, a pair of reports have been published which would seem to indicate Ravenel’s future as a reality star is very much in jeopardy.  Four days ago, the website Tamara Tattles ran a story claiming Ravenel “will definitely not be returning next season” to Southern Charm.

A network executive at Bravo reportedly confirmed the news to the website (and several others), although we have been unable to independently verify the report.

With so many sources gagged, it is difficult to get straight answers on the subject … although we don’t doubt the rumors that Ravenel has been fired.

What about the upcoming Southern Charm reunion show, though?  Will Ravenel appear on that program? 

Tamara Tattles wasn’t sure …

“Bravo doesn’t plan to make any statements on the issue until the reunion films,” the website wrote.  “Decisions have not been made regarding whether or not Thomas will be on the reunion or not.  However, that will be the first time anyone will be allowed to speak publicly on the subject.  It sounds to me like Thomas will decide if he wants to be on the reunion or not.”

According to Radar Online, though, Ravenel is “out.”

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“Thomas is not invited to the reunion,” a source close to the show told the website.  “With everything going on, it seemed better to the execs not to have him there.”

Ya think? 

“Ravenel had planned to shoot the Southern Charm reunion with the rest of the cast in New York next week, but he was asked by the production company to stay in Charleston,” Feinstein noted in a report for Inquisitr.  “As an explanation about why Thomas was not at the reunion, the network planned to announce that the former politician was not returning to the series, but that information leaked last week.”

Feinstein added that “before the production company made the decision to pull the plug on Thomas’ invite to the reunion, at least two cast members had said they didn’t want to participate if Ravenel was attending.”

That’s accurate …

We’re also told several cast members made it clear they would no longer feel comfortable filming scenes with the 55-year-old playboy.

Ravenel has been accused of sexually assaulting two women.  The first allegations were made (and reinforced) by Florida-based model and real estate agent Ashley Perkins.  According to the 29-year-old, she was present for a mediation hearing at the Belmond Charleston Place Hotel in June of 2016 in which Ravenel settled a sexual assault allegation involving her mother, a 53-year-old Florida real estate agent.

Again, we were the first news outlet in the nation to break that story.

A month ago, Feinstein published an exclusive interview on our site with Nanny Dawn – whose meeting with detectives of the Charleston, S.C. police department on May 7 kicked off the criminal probe of Ravenel.

Nanny Dawn’s story has since exploded – including feature stories in People and The Daily Mail.

Ravenel has declined to comment for any of our stories, however he has previously issued a blanket denial in response to any allegation of sexual assault against a woman.

“I’ve never assaulted a woman in my life,” he told us in April.

Ravenel was elected treasurer of South Carolina in 2006, but was forced to step down the following year after being arrested on drug charges.  He ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate in 2004 as a “Republican” and again in 2014 as a petition candidate.



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