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Polarized, Partisan Nation



We’ve written previously regarding the “all in” polarization of our nation … and now there’s data to back it up.

Sort of …

A new Pew Research Center report reveals that “Americans are less likely than in the past to hold a mix of conservative and liberal views,” according to the center’s associate director, Jocelyn Kiley.  The report also reveals that “ideological consistency – the shares of Americans holding liberal or conservative views across a wider range of issues – is increasingly associated with partisanship.”

Take a look …

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“The median Republican is now more conservative than 97 percent of Democrats, and the median Democrat is more liberal than 95 percent of Republicans,” Kiley explained.  “By comparison, in 1994, there was substantially more overlap between the two partisan groups than there is today: Just 64 percent of Republicans were to the right of the median Democrat, while 70 percent of Democrats were to the left of the median Republican.”

In other words, a quarter century ago 23 percent of “Republicans” were more liberal than the median Democrat and 17 percent of Democrats were more conservative than the median “Republican.”

“Today, those numbers are just 1 percent and 3 percent, respectively,” according to Kiley.

Yeah … that’s ironic considering the ideological gap between Democrats and “Republicans” in Washington, D.C. continues to evaporate.

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This news site has been outspoken in its contempt for both major parties … neither of which embraces individual liberty or the free market economy, in our estimation.

As we’ve noted on numerous prior occasions, there is no “red team” or “blue team” in Washington, D.C. anymore.  There is only #TeamPurple, “a single cabal of self-dealing politicians backed by corrupt special interests.”

Don’t believe us?  Just look at the latest budget numbers …

Unfortunately, this latest Pew data reveals that the vast majority of our country doesn’t understand the dynamics currently at work in our nation’s capital.  They remain hopelessly wedded to the red-versus-blue fiction … oblivious to the fact that no matter which team is in power, they’re still getting screwed.



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