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Winthrop’s Poll Is Becoming A Joke




Winthrop University will release its latest statewide poll results this week … but given lingering questions about the accuracy of this particular survey, should anyone bother paying attention?

Run by Scott Huffmon, Winthrop’s survey showed Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton by only four points in the Palmetto State leading up to the 2016 presidential election – with libertarian nominee Gary Johnson getting six percent of the vote.

“Do we buy the Winthrop results?” we asked at the time.  “Not really.”

We were right …

Trump wound up winning the state by a 55-41 percent margin – with Johnson drawing only two percent support.

With increasingly rare exceptions, polls have becoming exceedingly untrustworthy of late (just look at the rigged Obamacare numbers).  Also, it’s important to watch how questions are worded – which is something Winthrop’s polls have had issues with in the past.

We’re not at the point of discounting Winthrop’s data (yet), but the government-run school clearly needs to tighten things up … or perhaps it could do taxpayers a favor and just get out of the polling business altogether.

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